Geraldine Milton

  • Reiki Jin Kei Do


* Reiki Practitioner and host of a monthly Reiki practice group in Seaford, Victoria.
* Teacher and practitioner of: Therapeutic Touch (Krieger/Kunz method)
* Mindfulness meditation (Gawler Foundation training)
* Biofeedback facilitator
* The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki as taught by the Four Winds Society
* Business owner of the Australian Centre of Integrative Healing, in Seaford.

Gerry has a background in Nursing and Midwifery, with a Graduate Diploma in Nursing Education, a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (Community Nursing, and Infant welfare), and a Master’s Degree in Bioethics. She also has a Diploma in Tropical Diseases (London), and has worked for 2 years as a nurse both in Africa (Zambia), and in a remote Aboriginal Community in the Northern Territory.

She has been a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing at a major university in Melbourne , where she worked for 11 years. During that time she was a member of the University’s Standing Committee for Ethical Approval of Research on Humans for 6 years. Her main teaching focus at the University was in the area of bioethics, complementary/integrative medicine (CAM), midwifery and community nursing.

Until recently, Gerry has been working as a Maternal & Child Health Nurse (for 12 years), but has retired from nursing in order to focus more fully on her Reiki and Therapeutic Touch practice.


My Journey

Geraldine's initiation into Reiki in 1989 ignited a deep and enduring interest in the application of it's healing capacity within a healthcare context. Being a registered nurse working in a variety of specialty areas, Geraldine could envisage how her patients could be further assisted by the healing power of Reiki.

Advocacy for the rights of client's, and the establishment of ethical standards for Reiki practitioners, has been a significant feature of Geraldine's Reiki journey. She was part of the core group of APATURP, one of Australia's earliest Reiki practitioner associations. When this association merged with RASMUS,an association for Reiki masters, to form Reiki Australia Practitioner and Master Association (RAPMA), Geraldine co-authored the RAPMA Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct. When RAPMA subsequently merged with Reiki Australia these Codes became part of the foundation documents.

She is a recognized Teacher and practitioner of Therapeutic Touch (Krieger/Kunz method) by The Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia, and is also a teacher of the nine rites of the Munay-Ki

Geraldine has presented papers on a wide variety of subjects both locally and overseas, such as:

Milton G. 2015 Australian education and Accreditation Processes for Teaching and Practicing Therapeutic Touch: Third International TTIA Conference. Seattle. USA April 17-19th.

Milton, G. & Daniels, V. 2005 Parents use of Complementary and alternate therapies – a Maternal & Child Health Survey. Mornington Peninsula Shire. Joint project.

Chapman, E & Milton, G. 2002 “Reiki as an intervention in drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation - Almost a decade of experience” Brave New World, WFTC 21st World Conference. Carlton Crest, Melbourne. 17th-22nd February, 2002.

Milton G 2001. Responding to changing community Trends. Complementary Therapies (CAM) integrated throughout the core curriculum of an undergraduate nursing program. Auckland Regional Collage of Nursing. Aotearoa. NZ

Milton, G. 2000 “Ethical Approval of Research on Complementary Medicine”. Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine. State of the Evidence Methodological Challenges. Munich Germany.

She is also the author of the following book chapter:
Milton G. 2006 Energy Therapies. Ch 8. In ,Complementary Therapies and the Management of Diabetes and Vascular Disease. A matter of balance. Ed. Trish Dunning. Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK. pp 179-210.

My Vision

Geraldine has long held the vision to see Reiki at the hospital bedside, and this is very much what has motivated her interest in standards for Reiki treatment practitioners. Geraldine has been involved in practitioner standards from the very early days of Reiki being offered in Australia in healthcare settings, in the 1990's.

Geraldine's vision is backed by a history of action in the field:-

1995 Paper delivered by Geraldine and co-author, Eileen Chapman "The benefits of Reiki treatment in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs" at Royal College of Nursing conference, Pathways to Healing: Enhancing life Through Complementary Therapies. Canberra, Sept 24-5, 1995.

2001 Geraldine was a presenter at the 1st National Reiki Conference where she spoke about the necessity for sound ethics understanding in the delivery of professional Reiki treatments. At the same conference she co-presented, with Eileen Chapman, a draft Reiki Practitioner Development course which had been drafted by a collective within RAPMA.

2004 Geraldine presented a 2 day workshop to Reiki practitioners on the topic of Ethical and Professional Conduct for Reiki practitioners.

Geraldine's interest in Energy therapies continues to be expressed in her work as a practitioner of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch (TT, and as a TT teacher. She holds a Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training.

Today, Geraldine expresses her vision in the work she does in dual capacities within Reiki Australia. She is an adviser to Reiki Australia's Professional Development Team; she is also the organisation's ethicist. As a consultant bio-ethicist Geraldine provides qualified ethical guidance to people who seek to resolve dilemmas that arise in diverse circumstances.
She provides this service, fee-free, to Reiki Australia members who seek confidential, professional counsel to resolve ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in the conduct of their Reiki practice. For professional members this assistance extends to expert guidance on ethical issues that may arise in their professional relationships with clients, students and peers, or in their business relationships.

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