Glenys Randall

  • Reiki Jin Kei Do


Emotional Healing ~ Energy Balancing ~ Self Empowerment ~ Understanding your Inner World ~ Returning to your Centre.
When the conditioning we have experienced interfers with your everyday life, a higher consciousness than that which created it, is required to make a change. A message Einstein first stated, and which I have found to be true. In my work I hold the space for Healing to take place, using the skills, experience, energy and compassion I embody, from my Journey.

My Journey

I am one of 10 children, which has been an interesting ride, just to find my place so to speak, in amongst so many energies. As I was 8th in the line I was born into an already busy environment, and have spent a lot of time needing to work out clear boundaries, to feel and know who I am, what I want, need, desire, am allowed to have or be......etc. I left home at 16 and moved from NZ to Melbourne at 17 then became a nurse. I had a natural propensity towards caring and nurturing, my depth of feeling was closely connected to my need to be nurtured, so we become what we need. My inner world was troubled and yet I could play the role life seemed to want of me as I had learned at a young age to read the energy and dodge the bullets. I married and had 2 beautiful daughters, and was living in Brisbane by this stage. When I was introduced to Reiki, I was quite scared as my religious upbringing had literally put the FEAR of God into me in regards to any other possibility. However I felt something.....there was Hope, Peace and I wasn't yelling at the kids in frustration every morning getting them ready for school. After 1st stage Reiki I began to treat myself, my family and anyone I could get my hands on. This continued to 2nd stage and Mastery.....all the while my intuition which came alive, drew me to the training and workshops, courses and seminars, therapies and sessions that were almost an addiction but everyone I so needed for my own healing. I spent almost 7 years working with Chiropractors as a Remedial Massage Therapist, while also working from home with my range of skills that were outside the clinical guidelines at work. There is now a quieter space that I reside in inside. Teaching Reiki Jin Kei Do, and Meditation, seeing clients for Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Body work, teaching Astrology for self awareness, working with Sound Therapy and Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Holistic Pulsing. I just love allowing the session to unfold as it needs to so prefer not to specify one particular therapy or modality to use, but feel they have all integrated within me so I offer a package that best suits my clients. My life is Expansive, I have a cherished relationship with my two girls, and continue to walk an ever changing ever growing and challenging journey, connected to Spirit while grounded on this Glorious Earth. I AM.......Thank you for listening.

My Vision

To live an expansive and compassionate life creating an uplifting affect on others, by touching the hearts of all I am in contact with along the way. Raising the vibration on the Planet by raising my own.

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