Heather Stuart



I've been attuned to Reiki since 2001. I am a Reiki Master Teacher with lots of experience working with humans and animals. I'm also clairvoyant and often receive messages regarding your health during a treatment - so it's like a two-for-one bonus! :) I'm based in Brisbane.

I can also do Reiki distantly. We use the phone or Skype, so we can chat/ download any messages while I do the treatment. Easy peasy! :)

My Journey

My journey with the Reiki energy began a long time ago, when I first wanted to balance the crazy energy that had me blowing up light bulbs and computers! Reiki has been a fairly constant force in my life and I love using its powerful, gentle vibration to heal, clear and uplift others.

My Vision

I hope to be able to assist more people with Reiki by offering regular attunements in the Brisbane and Byron areas. I dream of being able to work with the allopathic health system to have Reiki more available to patients. :)

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