Helen Kvelde

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho

My Journey

I was given my first treatment by a friend and was surprised at how calm I felt. I decided to learn myself and felt having Reiki gave me great support and joy in my life. After doing Reiki 2 I felt drawn to also teach Reiki so began my master training. The most wonderful aspect of Reiki for me is that it is always there and available in any situation and at all times so there never again is a feeling of total helplessness. While you cannot know exactly what effect Reiki will have it will always support you.

My Vision

I enjoy doing treatments and also teaching people who feel drawn to learn Reiki. I also practice as a psychotherapist so I feel this does help me be sensitive to people’s needs and issues, however, it is important to me to be clear when I am doing Reiki and when I am doing therapy. When I am doing a treatment or teaching I feel the important thing is the Reiki itself so as far as possible I try to keep things simple and just do the treatment or teach the system. One of the things I love about Reiki is that it is possible to give so much without actually giving away anything of oneself. It is never tiring or draining.

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I also practice

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling

I'm a member of

  • Institute of Psychotherapy
  • Australian Psychological Society
  • Association for Infant Mental Health
  • The Reiki Allliance