Huan Xu

Practitioner  &  Master


Huan is a gentle and compassionate intuitive healer.
- Reiki Master and Practitioner
- Seichim Master
- Crystal Healer
- Access Bar® Facilitator
- Access Body Process® Facilitator
- Access Energetic Facelift® Practitioner

My Journey

Coming from a health profession, Huan has always been interested in healing. Over the years, she has been doing multiple courses in Energy Healing for self-discovery and growth. After having her first baby, she "saw" a lump in her thyroid during her meditation and it was confirmed by the doctor to be malignant carcinoma. The growth was so small that it would not have been picked up by the doctor if it wasn't for Huan's intuition. After the thyroid surgery, Huan decided to become a professional Energy Healer and use her gift of intuition to help more people. She was attuned by Lynne-Marie Whitty and became a Reiki master. Her journey as an Energy Healer continues with regular learning and practice in multiple modalities.

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