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Through Reiki Australia I've enjoyed meeting others who shared the same value for Reiki community connection. I have long taken an active role in the organisation; In 2006 I was part of the team that organised a conference, and I established the regular Reiki Share day on the Sunshine Coast. I gained experience and joy as the event grew in popularity, and it was a natural step for me to reach out to other members who wanted support to host Reiki Share days.

My heart is in the grass roots community. I love providing opportunities for people to connect with Reiki, and for Reiki people to connect with each other. So in my present role as the national co-ordinator of Reiki Share days I find it fulfilling to provide the personal support needed, on behalf of Reiki Australia, to a growing number of members across the country who want to bring Reiki share opportunities into their own communities.

My Journey

began many years ago and I have been practicing Reiki for a long time now. It began with a treatment and I decided there and then that I wanted to learn about this wonderful gift. The practitioner agreed to teach me which touched my heart as she was the first person who had ever wanted to help me with almost anything in life.
Joining Reiki Australia was an unusual experience for me and a little daunting as I was asked to go to a meeting and I had no idea what it was all about. However I found being a member such a wonderful experience that I am involved this year as the coordinator of the Reiki Share days that are now spreading around Australia.
The whole experience of Reiki has been a journey for me.

My Vision

I do a lot of treatments and teaching and intend to continue to do this. My vision is for it to expand and I want to open as many Reiki share days across each State in Australia so we can come together and develop this wonderful gift, not only for our clients but for each other.

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