Jacqui Milani



Reiki is my passion as is my desire to help people by balancing their body's energy using Reiki Therapy to improve their Wellness.
My Reiki business operates within an alternate therapy (psychology) clinic in Mindarie, ensuring a safe and calm environment for both client and practitioner.

My Journey

Throughout my life I have had an interest in natural and alternative medicines including herbal remedies, crystal therapy and aromatherapy. Since 2005 I've had the honor and privilege helping Australian families improve their health and home simply by teaching them about the long term side affects of common household products and assisting them to shop for safer, healthier options for the whole family. Along the way I heard about Reiki. In 2013 I began making inquiries to learn about Reiki as I often had a tingling sensation in my hands and intuitively knew other people's ailments. It has been a fascinating and rewarding journey.

In 2014 I was able to learn Reiki level I in Townsville, Queensland with Master Margaret Nelson, and was privileged to assist my daughter-in-law with Reiki throughout her pregnancy, easing back pain, and during the birth of my grandchild by lowering pain levels and relaxing the muscles, allowing for a easier birth.

In 2015 I met my next Reiki Master, Lynda Harris, by chance and soon completed Reiki Level II which included distance healing. This gave me the ability to assist a close friend who lives interstate and suffers from Fibromyalgia and PTSD. The relief that Reiki gave her is remarkable.

Later in 2015 my partner and I re-located to SE Queensland where I worked in the national call center for Aged Care. October 2016 found us on the move to Western Australia. The day after we arrived in Perth while looking for a new home, I found a physiology clinic with a room to rent. Synchronicity at its best. I was able to make arrangements to open my Reiki practice with them in the New Year. In the meantime I was due back in Townsville to provide Reiki during my grandson's birth.

February 2017 I opened my Reiki practice in Mindarie, WA. I am a member with Reiki Australia Association as a Reiki Practitioner and follow their code of conduct for Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners in sync with other healthcare providers throughout Australia.

My Vision

Reiki will be recognized in the National Health industry as an alternative therapy which compliments modern western medicine to improve your Wellness.

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