Jan McGlashan

Practitioner  &  Master


Jan is a Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexologist, and has been practicing since 1997 in South Africa, Scotland and now Australia.
Her gentle, nurturing, intuitive approach brings about healing on the deepest level, providing insights to assist you in making the highest possible choices for your life.

My Journey

After qualifying as a Reflexologist, I created a successful practice but often felt something was 'missing'. I was led to do Reiki workshops by a friend and it was honestly life-changing. Reiki flows through everything, it is the glue that brings Universal light and transformational healing energy into every situation. We are brought into alignment with who we truly are and healing occurs in miraculous ways. Reiki is a blessing and it is available to every single one on the planet. Give yourself the gift of Reiki.

My Vision

My vision is for each and everyone to know and experience how beneficial Reiki is, and to regularly incorporate it into daily life; for all to have the benefit of feeling empowered to make the right choices for their lives and not feel 'stuck'. Reiki helps us on so many levels. It is a powerful and practical tool that truly can assist in bringing about lasting change, healing and peace in your life. Namaste x

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