I am a skilled healer and energy worker who works intuitively, I am guided by my clients' Higher Self and Spirit Guides to identify underlying energies and blockages that cause a lack of well-being and ill-health. During a healing I connect with these blockages and am given images and other information which assist in removing them. I use Reiki and channel other strong energies and channel information from my clients' Higher Self . During healing sessions I guide my clients in through channeled visualisations to assist the clearing and healing process, giving them insight into past lives and blocks in current lives.

Through a shared approach the natural healing power within each person gives deep meaning and power in their path towards wholeness.

I specialise in facilitating the awakening of Kundalini energy and its safe movement through the body. I have had the joy of seeing a number of my clients touched by the energy of the Goddess and the deep healing this has brought to them.

As a past life regression facilitator I skilfully guide my clients through an exploration of past lives to find blocks that might have an impact in this life.

My Journey

I was first initiated into Reiki about 8 years ago. It has been transformative in my life bringing both personal healing and helping me bring healing to others.

Part of my journey was to connect with my gifts as a channel, intuitive healer, and also my ability to connect with past lives.

My Vision

Inner Gold exists deep within our being as a part of ourselves that we may not with to recognise, or acknowledge. Carl Gustav Jung called this our Shadow. Our Inner Gold is everything about us that is wonderful, and fear-inspiring and awe-inspiring … it is both the light and the dark side of our own inner moon, our Self. Inner Gold holds the true essence of our soul and our being. Inner Gold is both that which we adore about ourselves, and that which we abhor. Once we recognise our own Inner Gold and learn to accept it as an integral part of ourselves, we become whole. The name Inner Gold is borrowed from Dr Robert Johnson’s book of the same name.

My clinic is open to all who wish to explore their own Inner Gold and the healing power within.

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I also practice

  • Aromatherapy
  • Gerontology
  • Theology
  • Meditation

I'm a member of

  • International Meditation Teachers Association