Jean Housley


As a child I was told I had “magic hands”, intuitively healing by touch and voice. By my early 20’s I had spent nearly 2 years as a Novice in a Christian Anglican Community, learning, amongst other things, the valuable nature of meditation. I then worked as a Parish worker and trained as a bereavement counsellor partly to understand abuse, loss and grief from my own life and partly to aid in my work.

My Journey

After time as a mother and then a single parent, my Reiki journey started in 2004 where my intuitive and spiritual knowing was given a more formalized outlet. I added the use of crystals to my treatments in 2007 after studying with Hazel Raven.
I moved to Australia in 2013 and opened Just for Today (cb) in April 2015.
Having been diagnosed with myriad food intolerances in 2005 and having struggled to gain balance in my everyday eating patterns I trained as a Nutritional Therapist in 2015.
I have always used my voice to sing and have been using a drum for healing for some time, however, I have now completed a sound healing course that enables me to add Tibetan singing bowls, gong, bell and cymbals to my repertoire.

My Vision

Throughout my journey I have been afflicted but have not drowned and have learnt to live a full life by using any trauma as a catalyst to gain the skills needed to combat life issues. My vision is to use my experience, intuition and skills to bring peace and balance, so that each individual can be all they are able to be. I train others in Reiki. I also mentor a wonderful group of people in a Reiki Share each month. I enable participants at the share to grow in knowledge, skills and self-esteem so they in turn can pass on the loving Reiki energy.

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