Joanne Mawet

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Having worked as a reg nurse /midwife for many years I always felt there might be something to help improve the wellness of people. I love nursing but there had to be more. Then with my children having health issues it was important for me to find the most natural & less invasive ways of helping them stay well.

My Journey

Reiki was something I had read about now & then, it sounded interesting. I had kept an article about Reiki ,I looked at it often but always put it on the bottom of my 'to do' list. Then as it happens I walked into a clinic one day where they were advertising a Reiki course. So I did my Level I which
opened up a whole new world for me. I not only loved it but I could see the benefits for my children , family & my clients. I loved the energy so much I then progressed to become a practitioner and Reiki Master.

My Vision

I enjoy it that Reiki helps people & makes a difference in their lives. They relax, are calm, the change is measurable in their faces as they appear less stressed from the time before their treatment to when it is complete. As a nurse I would like to see Reiki used in Hospitals ,aged care facilities,during Pregnancy & labour ,in fact anywhere in the community. It has the ability to bring relief in stressful times, to enhance a calmness & wellness & help reduce pain levels. I love working with people to find some balance & find it very rewarding when sharing Reiki with others

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I also practice

  • Kinesiology
  • Nursing
  • Earcandling

I'm a member of

  • Australian Kinesiology Association