Julie Parker



Raised in Australia and Papua New Guinea, I was introduced to “spirit” at a young age. A mother interested in Buddhism, Theosophy and all things esoteric, and an entrepreneurial father created a wonderful opportunity for marrying commercial and spiritual understanding.

I have experience in a multitude of roles from an advertising manager, international marketing professional, Aroma therapist, business consultant, massage therapist, life coach, mentor, Reiki practitioner/master, travel consultant, aid worker, NLP practitioner, writer, business trainer, project manager to corporate trouble shooter, just to name a few!

My life's work has seen me traversing the globe from Australia to Argentina, Vietnam to Vanuatu, Brazil to Burma, Greece to Greenland, Cambodia to Cyprus, Ireland to India, Sweden to Sri Lanka, New Zealand to Nepal, Thailand to Tunisia and everything in between.

I am incredibly grateful for the amazing experiences, for the life lessons and gifts of awareness and understanding. Each challenge has made me stronger, with a greater compassion for what we put ourselves through in order to learn.

My Journey

I was introduced to Reiki in 1994 after an extremely challenging 3 year period in my life. It literally changed the way I viewed my experiences. In 1996 I undertook initiation in Reiki I and II, and began working part time as a practitioner.

From this period until 2004 I gained skills in Remedial massage, Colour therapy, Crystal healing, Bach flower remedies, NLP, Journey work, Aromatherapy, Creative Visualisation and gained an understanding of a number of other healing modalities, whilst I continued to work as a Business Coach/Mentor and Consultant in the corporate environment until 2000.

In 2000 I felt a call to service and left the life I knew and travelled to India, for the next 4.5 years I worked with NGO's and Aid related organisations in a range of countries, undertaking what ever was needed that I was able to contribute to projects.

After this period of amazing challenges, experiences, incredible lessons, and opportunities to apply Reiki across a range of situations, in 2004 I felt ready to undertake initiation as a Reiki Master.

My Vision

I incorporate a range of skills into a Reiki session in order to facilitate greater healing and harmony. My mission is that clients leave with tools or techniques that they can apply to everyday life in order to facilitate further healing.

Reiki creates a channel for us to get in touch with our own healing capability. To bring awareness and alignment to mind, body and soul. I believe if we each facilitate healing for one person, we have facilitated healing on a much larger scale due to the "ripple effect" - as we heal, the world heals.

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I also practice

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Colour Therapy
  • Crystal Healing