Kathryn Hewitt



I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner with 2nd Degree Usui Sai Baba Reiki and also a clinical Hypnotherapist with my Advanced Diploma and am a Senior Professional Registered Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis New Zealand

My Journey

In late 1996 I was diagnosed with Lupus and my health was in a poor state as I struggled having enough energy to cope with a toddler and daily life. Looking for a modality that would assist me further to the orthodox methods I had engaged I discovered Reiki. In 1997 I met Reiki Master Robin Rodgers whose own remarkable Reiki story inspired me to train immediately. I was totally unprepared for the immediate improvement I saw in my health. These improvements steadily continued. Later in 1997 I married and 4 years after that I astounded specialists when I carried to term a perfectly healthy baby girl. Throughout my pregnancy I continually gave myself Reiki which I believe contributed to things progressing well.
Although some of my Lupus tests have disappeared others are still present but only in a minor form. I regularly give myself Reiki treatments and do believe this has given me the good health I have today.
Since training as a Reiki therapist it has always been a dream to have my own clinic and it brings me so much joy to now be working for myself.

My Vision

There is a place for Reiki and all it’s associated benefits in the future. I think how wonderful it will be when the day comes that orthodox medicine and Reiki meet together both acknowledging the benefits of each. Where doctors can refer patients to have Reiki Treatments alongside conventional medicine. Where there is a deep understanding and respect for all that Reiki has to offer in the holistic approach to health.

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