Kim Taylor

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Speaker Coach, Trainer, Emcee and Reiki Practitioner.
The fear of speaking in public is a very real thing for the majority of people. By incorporating Reiki into my 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker Training system, I help you overcome those fears and barriers that may be preventing you from speaking from your heart and sharing your message.

Whether you need speaking skills for professional or personal reasons, I guide and resource you to find your voice so that you have the techniques and tools for your next conversation, meeting, workshop, seminar or presentation.

My Journey

My interest in becoming a Reiki practitioner began when I was receiving Reiki from Coralea Mackison for a benign fibroid tumour while I was pregnant. The tumour was the size of a rock melon and growing at the same rate as my baby. It was a very stressful time. Reiki gave me a deep glowing feeling, which I could feel flowing through me as this beautiful energy relaxed and healed my entire body.
It helped me create balance so that I relaxed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In 2003 and 2004, I completed my training in Reiki I and II. Timing was perfect because in 2004 my husband, Chris, developed an aggressive type of non-hodgkinson lymphoma. While he was receiving treatment in the hospital's critical care unit, I was able to give him daily hands on healing in his room. At times he didn't feel like receiving hands on healing. With his permission, I would give him distant healing from my 'temporary' home.

Even now he talks about how Reiki helped him when he was experiencing some darker moments. In those moments, Reiki gave him a deep sense of peace and love within himself.
Chris is healthy and still loves to receive his Reiki!

When I see how much Reiki helps my clients, family and friends, I feel such gratitude for Reiki coming into my life.

Big thanks to Coralea, Sharron and Wendy.

My Vision

It’s about how we contribute to the world ecologically and for the greater good so that we’re creating a more giving world.
A world that is abundant, authentic and full of integrity.

We can’t create this if we are living in a place of fear within ourselves and feeling too fearful to be our true selves.
So it’s about helping people overcome those fears, find their voice and discover their special gifts so that they can speak from their heart and share their message

My absolute belief is that we have everything within us to reach our goals and dreams. Sometimes this means having someone to walk beside us, guide us and allow us the space to find the 'gold' within ourselves.

My intention is to provide you with an exceptional personal and professional Reiki service in order for you to feel empowered, energized and full of vitality.

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