Lisa Kotz

Practitioner  &  Master


Hello, I’m Lisa.
I’m a certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Tanran Reiki tradition.
I’m also an Intensive Care Nurse, an Essential Oils Educator and Spiritual Health Coach.

I have over sixteen years of nursing experience, most of which as an Intensive Care Nurse, where I have been so fortunate to help many hundreds of women, men and children on their journey experiencing disease, illness, pain, trauma, loss, recovery, growth and transformation.

My nursing work has given me the privilege of working with people at their most vulnerable, raw and in shadow, experiencing severe physical and emotional pain and challenge. I have witnessed many people take their last human breath as well as their first. I have witnessed massive physical and emotional transformations in everyday people who have travelled through the shadows of critical illness and trauma. I never doubted there was a purpose and a force unseen yet so present and true in every one of us, despite the uncertainty and chaos. It has undeniably shaped me, rocked me, cracked me open, made me question and realign my own personal beliefs, values and attitudes and truly taught me where to place importance and focus in my own life.
Yes, conventional medicine supports every aspect of the physical body, and there is a whole health care team designed to support ability to adjust to the experience of illness and disease, but we are so much MORE than just out physical organs, blood and skin. We are energy. And we shouldn’t wait until we get sick to active about being healthy and whole. Current health care trends across the Western world show alarming numbers of obesity, cardiovascular disease, mental health conditions, not to mention violence and suicide. This is despite major developments and advancements in medical technology with governments and other bodies and individuals trying to expand services to reach more and more people. However, I have witnessed firsthand that this is barely enough. We need to address our emotional-energetic health with equal weight as is often the LAST area we treat, and often the source of our ill-health manifested physically.

Conventional Medicine and Energy Healing
My extensive study and experience as a nurse has helped me to deeply understand and support the healing process of the human body. I have witnessed and experienced the effects of illness, disease, and how deeply our thoughts, feelings, emotions and relationships impact on our experience. Treating our physical bodies with physical medications and procedures will only take our health so far. We are not just a human body, we are spiritual and emotional beings, and we must care for our energy and emotional bodies too!

We are much greater than our physical body, and our body is an incredible creation with the innate ability to heal itself given the right conditions. There are ways we can support and nourish our bodies to heal – healthy foods, physical activity, healthy relationships with others and regular self-care practices.
Reiki can help assist the healing process, as it can help shift energetic blocks that have been contributing to emotional and physical illness and discomfort, and can help restore feelings of wellbeing, vitality, clarity and raise your overall energy vibration.

My Journey

The Inside The Prism Philosophy

“You are all expressions of Source Light Energy through the prism of life on Earth. As each light ray of the prism spectrum of colour has its own unique pattern, as does each one of you. Each one of you is a light ray with your own uniqueness, no two are ever the same. Everyone is made of the same Source Light.” – Lisa Kotz.

I created Inside The Prism from the desire to share my thoughts and insights from my own spiritual and self-awareness journey with others, an offering to help another on their own path. Sharing from inside my own prism.

Along the way on my journey, I was called to learn (aka “re-remember”) to channel Reiki and thus began the opening of my connection with myself and therefore Source in the most profound and beautiful way. This journey of mine is still evolving, and with this, I acknowledge and honour others where they are at on their own journey of awakening and self-awareness.

Inside The Prism is the space where you are supported and held by me to open up to and step into the illumination and knowing of your OWN prism. Your own uniqueness, your truth, your soul’s purpose and to experience this in the most whole and full way, as is your birthright. Through my work with you, I will facilitate your journey of opening, healing, nourishing, clearing and expansion into knowing and embodying your TRUE healthful and whole self. Using Reiki as the powerful energy healing modality we can move blocks and strip back what doesn’t serve you anymore.

I’m SO looking forward to sharing my healing space with you!

My Vision

My mission is to help you on your path to become physically, emotionally and spiritually whole, and to hold space for you expand and align fully with your life and soul purpose.

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