Lorena Garmendia



Passionate About Healing Others

I enjoy keeping life simple and enjoyable. Energy healing allows me to assist others and help them remember the love that is within us all. I´m grateful for having the opportunity to be the bridge that helps you connect with you inner self and the universe.

I´m Certified in the following techniques:
*Certified Reiki Master
*Certified Bioquantum Healer.
*Certified Metamorphic Technique Practitioner.
*Certified Cellular Memory Healing Therapist
*Certified Essenes Healing Therapist

My Journey

I´m a Reiki Master since 2014. Reiki came to my life through my loving teacher Lili Mayo back in 2012. I found this technique to be a great resource to relief pain, discomfort & stress from myself and others around me. I´m passionate about well being and spiritual healing and I enjoy sharing the gifts I´ve received with the community around me.

My Vision

This therapy gives me the opportunity to connect with another soul and assist them in their evolution plan. I hope you give yourself the opportunity to feel better and look after your spiritual, etheric and physical bodies with a pampering session.

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