Louise Kanjee

Practitioner  &  Master


I am an experienced natural health practitioner, qualified as a Homeopath as well as Reiki Master. Prior to working as a Healer I worked in the UK in the fields of mental health and with older people and I feel this has given me an insight into the human spirit before even launching my own practice.
A big part of my journey is to teach - as I feel I learn best through showing others. I also believe in keeping the costs of learning Reiki affordable to all, having spent a long time working with people on lower incomes. I teach all levels of Reiki and feel I have learnt as much as my students from each workshop.
I am also passionate about women's health and run women's circles. Learning to connect with our body's rhythms and the rhythms of nature is a big part of my connection to the energy of Reiki and the Universal Life force

My Journey

I have been practising Reiki for five years. Prior to learning Reiki I had been meditating for fifteen years and had got to a point of blockage and Reiki revived my spirit and has put me on a path of self-healing. I feel that Reiki gives me the energy, motivation and love for life that previous spiritual paths no longer held for me. I see Reiki not just as a healing modality but also as a personal spiritual path. I trained with Sonja Bollnow and Keiron Keene of Tanran Reiki Australia and it felt like by learning Reiki I was also gaining a family of like-minded people who are always there when I need love, support and guidance.

My Vision

My vision for Reiki is for it to open people up to their spiritual essence and nature of love and peace. With Reiki we can heal the world! For more information please see my website.

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  • Homeopathy