Madeleine Hathaway

Practitioner  &  Master


I am a Reiki Master Teacher focused on enhancing your energetic healing processes and wellness throughout your life journey. I follow a daily dedication of meditation and Reiki practice. I offer individual consultations, workshops, Reiki Share Days (refresher days) and small classes. I always initiate my students in person.

I am the owner/practitioner of a natural health and teaching practice, Earth & Lotus, offering professional complementary therapies for people seeking a holistic approach to their wellbeing. Earth & Lotus uses energetic healing tools such as Aura-Soma and Reiki to help raise your consciousness, support the release of blocks and help increase the flow of your life energy.

I believe that emotional and mental stress, traumatic experiences, negative perceptions or false beliefs can be stored in the energy field of our bodies and block our growth. Blocks can lead to feelings of depletion, apathy for life, aches and pains in the body and emotional distress – impacting our wellbeing.

My clients often attend sessions to:
-Alleviate stress,
-Ease depression,
-Alleviate trauma,
-Increase self-awareness,
-Release blocks to personal growth,
-Seek their true purpose in life,
-Understand their spiritual journey,
-Activate natural healing processes,
-Strengthen self-esteem,
-Gain clarity of thought,
-Increase their ability to function at their full potential,
-Learn to let go of negative thoughts and behaviours.

My Journey

My career and training began in the areas of health psychology, research and teaching with roles that included Operations Manager, Director of Studies and Head of Department. I have also worked as a consultant in the realms of business management consulting, behavioural consulting and personal and professional awareness training for nearly 15 years.

My interest shifted when I witnessed the enormous toll that the business world was having on an individual’s well-being: lowered energy levels; diminishing self-esteem; negative changes in behaviour; and a constant flow of people telling me they felt out of touch with themselves and who they truely were. Living in a constant state of detachment left them feeling depressed and agitated. None of the mainstream psychological techniques seemed to bring clients back to a natural state of ‘ease’ and comfort in be-ing. At this point in my career my attention turned to natural energies.

In 2003, I began years of study in Aura-Soma® and Usui Reiki. Both focus on the Light Body to support balance and ‘remembering’ of the self. During this process, I engaged in my own personal work, letting go, healing, clearing, and learning to continue in a state of acceptance for all life processes. These modalities brought me to a state of working with people in their process, from a place of non-judgement and respect for the divine process of people’s lives – past, present and future.

I began running my practice in 2006.

My Vision

I want to see the understanding, knowledge of and use of Reiki as a healing art continue to grow to be integrated into the health system.

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I also practice

  • Seichim
  • Aura-Soma