Margaret Lloyd


My Journey

I have been practiticing Reiki since 1991 and cannot imagine my life without. I have witnessed and experienced so many changes, healings and manifestations through these years that still have the profound effect of amazing me and keeping me humble with the knowledge of this beautiful energy. To be able to give and also teach this modality to others has been my greatest joy. I love to watch the bliss on one's face as the Reiki is accepted over a weekend and then to continue to share their growth and experiences is truly a gift.

My Vision

I would like to see everyone have the experience of Reiki in their lives...I know this is a dream but it only takes one person to change and the ripple effect goes from there.....dreams can come true and this is mine!

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I also practice

  • Palliative Care/Conscious Dying
  • Home respite for elderly
  • Counselling