Maria Eliana Bosaans Cartes

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho


I have been a teacher since 1983 and have been working us a teacher in different countries first Argentina, Buenos Aires them I came to live in Australia 1992. In 2006 when back to Chile, it commences my journey learning heal another people in helping to heal but in here Brisbane before to go back I meet a nice man who introduce into Reiki, healing hands and all that I would be able to help people by using Reiki. I had not even heard about Reiki at the time.

My Journey

As a teacher of Yoga and Latin American Dances, my intuition has always played a big part in my career about people and how they were feeling and at times, sometimes western medicine has nothing left to help them. I felt hopeless at times, feeling there must be something else, which may help. So, my journey with Reiki began!

After my initiations into Reiki, my logical brain still questioned how does this work and I was searching for how and why it works! I could not believe the changes in my client's attitudes to their health and how they felt amazing after their treatments. I was looking for research evidence to prove it worked and eventually the universe gave me the evidence.

I started a treatment on someone who had become pregnant many of the person I treat in Santiago was person in the pregnancy need for stress and they are not take any medication for it and after a few treatments became more relax and focus on the matters.

I have sent Reiki to Chile, Argentina and vice-a-versa which again inspired me that it is an amazing healing energy which is open to each one of us. Having someone feedback to you they felt warm comforted whilst you are sending the healing and then have felt an improvement in their health is again truly amazing experience.

This was the evidence to inspire me to take my healing hands to become a Reiki Teacher/Master and to look at other modalities completing Doctor Bach Flower Remedy, Metamorphic Massage, Reiki Karuna Ki, Reiki Wang, Reiki Ascension, Reiki Fairy and treatments to a different level. This is the most exciting part of my career in healing and I know that Reiki really does help you to heal your life in every aspect. I love teaching new students to the Reiki energy and see them transform their lives in a positive way with Reiki.

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