Marilou Masip


I am a Reiki Master / Teacher, an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner, and a Medical Intuitive.
A s a medical Intuitive and a Reiki Practitioner I have the ability to intuitively assess existing potential physical and emotional conditions and the source of the illness and imbalance in the body.
It involves connecting current physical issues with underlying emotional and spiritual issues.

It can also involve methods to bring across the physical, emotional, energetic and other level of mind , body and soul

It may involve
• Childhood issues
• Family History
• Past Life

My Journey

I always worked with the angels. Angel painting has always been an important part of my work. I strongly believe that by having a painting of your Guardian Angel you can enhance your understanding and develop a close connection.

My connection with Angels has led me to study Ascension Reiki. The Angels are the purest energy source bringing the power of God to us as healer and healee. Like in the Golden Age we are once again linked to the Divine through the Angelic Hosts of Light thus ensuring purity of healing and knowledge.

I am now a Master Teacher of Ascension Reiki. The Archangel Metratron and Dr Usui channeled this Ascension Reiki and Angelic Attunement of Light. Therefore it includes the original information of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system of Healing and the original Atlantean information. This is the information that assists us to reconnect with the Divine and gives us the understanding that we are one in truth.

This form of Reiki provides everyone with additional tools needed to aid in the ascension process. It incorporates new symbols recovered from the Atlantean Age, being held by the White Brotherhood until such a time in our evolution that we were able to integrate them into our consciousness.

My Vision

My aim is to heal and to teach as many people as possible the importance of healing so as to break apart the negative energy that causes blockages, which in turn prevents the life force energy to nourish the organs and cells of the physical body, therefore causing their diminished effectiveness, and also that of the DNA. Energy healing is an effective way of clearing and healing the energy pathways, allowing the life force of prana to flow in a healthy and natural way.

I also use other means to heal the individual that passes through my Centre'ETERNAL LOVE'. My ultimate goal is to offer each and every one the gift of unconditional love for all to enjoy and share.

Inner peace, I believe, reigns in the hearts and mind of those whose only focus is Love. It's the ability to love without precondition. Unconditional love does not criticise, but evaluates. It seeks to understand, to respect, to befriend, and admire. Unconditional Love only seeks the truth, the beauty and the goodness in everything and everyone. We all have the capacity to learn to Love unconditionally, because that's how we create peace and joy in our own life. The more we practice giving out unconditional Love, the greater the capacity grows to receive.

Unconditional Love is first and foremost that, which is given without a thought of getting anything in return. Love places no condition upon anything. It just gives. And a heart, conditioned to give love to others, has learnt to love and appreciate self. At Eternal Love we offer all that you may need to guide you towards enjoying this inner peace enveloped with Unconditional Eternal Love.

I also conduct workshops in crystal healing, past life regression, mediumshiop, meditation, visonary art and art.

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