Mark Ruge

Practitioner  &  Master
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I encountered a "something" called Reiki more than 20 years ago. That "chance" happening both changed my life and saved it several times over. Through this very simple practice, I discovered aspects of my being that were little known to me, unhealed, and unacknowledged.

In short, if I was going to be true to myself, to heal my "hurt places", I needed to be open to change. And, change happened, and keeps on doing so. This "self" healing process continues to present the challenge for me to risk holding an ever bigger picture, to grow in my capacity for being present in whatever life has to offer, to "be here now".

I joined an international body of Reiki Masters, The Reiki Alliance (TRA), became involved, served a term on the governing Board. TRA became, and is still, a place of connection with masters in my form of practice from all over the world, and a point of connection with the original masters who took this form of practice from Hawayo Takata.

My Vision

Everywhere I look in life I am confronted with the paradox of life, its incredible beauty and richness almost beyond belief, and on the other hand there are human beings living life in fear, with little hope, and who are suffering greatly. I am unable to change those conditions directly, but there is a place where I am able to have an effect.

The place that I can change is in me, and how I respond to the experience of the world here and now, to heal myself. I believe this is what each one of us is asked to do, to live life as honestly, as fully and as compassionately as we are able. The Reiki practice is a way to manifest that very ability.

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I also practice

  • Vibrational Holistic Pulsing