Melissa Krestensen

Practitioner  &  Master
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Melissa is a Reiki Master Teacher, Tantra Practitioner, Essential Oils Advocate and Coach for women & couples. She is also a speaker, mindfulness & meditation teacher, retreat facilitator, workshop facilitator & has her own podcast on Itunes called #ASKLUKEANDMEL.

My Journey

After spending my teens & early twenties feeling cut off from everyone and everything, feeling alone and lost, not knowing why I was here, spending countless hours in front of the mirror not liking what I saw, being filled with rage, suffering with anxiety, I found myself in a vicious cycle which resulted in drugs, anxiety, low self esteem, a physically & emotionally abusive relationship which CREATED a lot of ‘drama filled’ situations, my life was chaotic and hard!

I decided enough was enough & it was time to find inner peace & find what truly made my heart sing. These early struggles lead me to my purpose. I'm now on a mission to help people connect with themselves and connect with others on a deeper level. That’s what we all ultimately want right? To feel connected to one another. To come together united not against one another. To come together & choose love. To be love.

From entering adulthood in a dark & low place, I'm now happily married with 2 beautiful cherubs & I get to follow my purpose & passion each day. My journey to turn my life around wasn’t an overnight success story though, it was years of taking one step at a time. Did I mess up over the years? Hell yes! But I stepped back on the path and kept walking. Sometimes I ran, sometimes I sat and rested.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

And that's just how my Reiki journey began. I had been wanting to learn a healing modality for some time and was drawn to learn Reiki. I found a teacher only 30 minutes away and completed my Reiki 1. I had no idea and no intention at that time I would continue through to Reiki Master Teacher but I just took one step at a time. After each course it felt right to continue and keep learning more about Reiki.

Reiki has helped me on my personal healing journey incredibly which lead me to add Reiki to my services I offered for my clients & to teach and share the beautiful energy with others looking to learn Reiki themselves.

My Vision

My vision for Reiki is that it becomes a common practice around the world. I would love to see people taking more natural approaches to healing themselves and others. To see Reiki in every household across Australia and overseas.

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