Mia Rose

  • Gendai Reiki Ho


I have trained in two Reiki traditions - Usui Shiki Ryoho to Master Level and Gendai Reiki Ho to Okuden (Level II). I mainly follow Gendai Reiki Ho practices for myself and with clients. For a long time I offered Reiki only to friends and family, and I am now very pleased to offer my services to all from my home practice.
I am also a Personal Trainer and can offer Reiki and PT together as a complete wellbeing package.

My Journey

I first opened to Reiki in 2004. Reiki came as a huge blessing at that time in my life. Reiki continues to be a spiritual touchstone for me and I feel privileged to be able to share this wonderful tool for healing with others.

My Vision

I would like to see the true essence of Reiki widely practised and understood. Everyone ought to have the opportunity to experience Reiki in its purest form.

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