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Spiritual Healing,
Intuitive Readings

Reiki is a gentle method of natural healing that uses Universal energy, channeled though the practitioner's hands, to help restore balance, health and wellbeing in the recipient. The healing method is non invasive, with the recipient remaining fully clothed, and can often leave the practitioner feeling as lifted and wonderful as the person receiving the Reiki!
The hands are placed on the body for a length of time to allow the flow of energy through the practitioner to the recipient. Feelings of warmth, cool or tingling can be experienced.

Reiki is healing.
Reiki is gentle.
Reiki enhances the wellbeing and quality of life.

Spiritual Healing can be incorporated into a treatment if there is the need to clear a blockage or issue that is in the way of wellness and happiness. This has helped with grief, the feeling of separateness and sadness in some people.

Charkra balancing is also another form of healing that can be used during a session. Clearing and balancing the Charkras can restore a further degree of wellness to a person.

Crystal Therapy may also be used during a session to enhance the healing.

Energy Clearing can be used to clean up a space - be it your home, your office or business. Clear your space of negative or past energy left behind by those that have used it before you.

Love and Light

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