Moira Mac

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I have a professional background in adult education, having been a full-time teacher in the TAFE Division of Swinburne University at its Wantirna campus in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

My Journey

My Reiki journey began with a serendipitous meeting with my teacher, Des Geddes, at the Avalon Shop in Melbourne in 1990. Des had been a practitioner at the Avalon Centre for some time and was at their shop's first birthday celebration . The Avalon legend of King Arthur and Camelot was the theme for the day. Being a full-blooded Celt with an equal measure of Scottish and Welsh ancestry with a touch of Irish thrown in for good measure, I felt right at home. I have a sneaking suspicion that Des was dressed as the wizard Merlin!

Des' own Reiki connection unfolded in an equally serendipitous way a number of years before. He had gone to Western Australia to recuperate after a bout of illness, deciding that an encounter with the dolphins at Monkey Mia was the tonic his system needed. He met his teacher, Marta Getty, on the beach there.

Reiki has been sprinkling its magic on my life ever since, and my Reiki journey continues to unfold like a fairy tale. It has helped me to explore and express my heritage in a way I never could have imagined. In recent years, it has nestled me in a cocoon on the Sunshine Coast and taken me on an inward roller-coaster ride around my ancestral family tree. Out of this process, an autobiographical book entitled 'Soul Whispers: Healing the Family Tree' emerged.

I confronted many issues around self-worth during my Reiki Master 'apprenticeship' in the 1990's and I still felt quite unprepared to claim that title for myself when I was initiated as a Reiki Master until I began to realise that, rather than a title of attainment, it was more of a statement of my personal intent:
I intend to follow the ongoing path of mastery with the Usui System of Reiki Healing as my chosen method of spiritual practice and guidance. In other words, I arrived at the realisation that mastery is a journey, and an ongoing one, not a destination. It was a very liberating process after which I began to regard my Reiki Master certificate as my license to be me! The path of mastery, like my relationship with myself, is always unfolding. Reiki is my tour guide. It is the most exciting journey I have ever been on and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone willing to learn how to celebrate the gift of their true self.

I am happy to share the beautiful gift of Reiki through individual treatments or through workshops.

My Vision

One of the great gifts of the Usui System of Reiki (and there are many), that I appreciate all the more as my experience deepens, is its simplicity. There is no dogmatic belief system to adhere to. This does not make it any the less profound or effective; quite the reverse, in fact. Being free of bounds within the framework of a solid spiritual form allows Reiki the freedom to penetrate your system to the level at which you are prepared to surrender. It works in a beautifully organic way to suit your pace and your capacity for personal transformation. Being so gentle and malleable, yet dynamic and robust at the same time, Reiki can stand alone as a spiritual discipline or it can complement the belief system that works for you. It has no conflict with any other system whose purpose is to help you align with the nature of your true self. It only enhances your efforts and encourages you to express the gift of yourself in the way that best suits you. It is your own spiritual toolkit, literally at your fingertips!

My teacher, Des, describes Usui Shiki Ryoho (the Usui System of Natural Healing) as 'the fast train home'. My vision for Reiki is the hope that everyone chooses to jump on board for the adventure of their lives and no-one is left standing at the station.

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