Naomi Davies

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho


I am a Reiki Master & Aromatherapist. Energy Harmony Balance was created with the intention to help bring about healing on an energetic level and offer people a complementary and holistic approach to health.
The aim of Energy Harmony Balance is to help people reconnect with themselves, find harmony, balance and self empowerment, and to aid every soul on their individual journey.

My Journey

My journey with Reiki began a couple years ago at a time in my life when there was much transition happening for me. I found the power of Reiki to be so inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. I started this journey to learn Reiki to help others, and realised very quickly that it was also for my own benefit and personal growth .
After realising this and working on my own path, I felt it was time to share this beautiful healing art with others and help to aid them on their personal journey's of self discovery. I love bringing this wonderful energy to each individual and enjoy being involved in their experiences.

My Vision

I see Reiki as such a valuable way to reconnect with our truth, to Spirit and to give people a greater understanding of the journey they are on and greater vision on their outcomes. It helps to give us a clear mind, clarity on our decisions, and guide us in the right direction. I feel that Reiki is highly beneficial in today's world in helping us to connect internally with our self, spreading the message of love, compassion and unity, and inspiring people to be their authentic self.

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