Peter Barber

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho

My Journey

It all began in Capetown South Africa. I was learning meditation and one evening was invited to a healing night. I was invited to lay my hands onto the receiver for 15 minutes in three places. Two out of the three places I chose turned out to be places of pain and suffering. Gracious me! I was surprised and intrigued probably because I needed a load of healing!

Not long after I went travelling for a year and spent some time in Dharamsala, India. There I decided to find a Reiki teacher. There were signs up on telegraph poles which led me to some strange rooms where I didn't feel comfortable. Then I was advised to put my wish for a Reiki teacher onto paper and pop it under my pillow and wait. A Reiki Master would show up.

I felt compelled to stop a woman in the street one day and engage her in conversation. She was a Reiki Master. I took level one with her. Two days after meeting her I met up with two other Reiki masters from France and the UK. All of a sudden there was a flood of Reiki Masters!

My level 1 training was not a great experience for me. I felt disappointed with my choice of teacher. No practice. No connection with the teacher after the day's course. Some months later in 2000 I went to Tibet and met AnnE, my wife now, on the sacred ground of Mount Kailash. She told me about her Reiki teacher, Anila, (Tibetan for nun).

When we were back in Dharamsala I met Anila and felt electricity in her handshake. I felt a vibrancy and aliveness in her being. I learnt Reiki I again with Anila over 5 days, Reiki II over 10 days and Reiki Masters one year later in 2001 with daily practice and supervision over 3 months. When we returned from India I taught Reiki I with AnnE in Brisbane. It was great to teach together.

My Vision

My vision for my practice of Reiki is that I will teach some time in the future. I will learn Reiki Jin Kei Do from AnnE hopefully this year, 2010, and see whether I wish to switch lineage and practice. I wish to keep giving treatments as a practitioner. I intend to continue daily self treating and giving Reiki daily to my young children. Establishing Reiki share days in Newcastle is on the cards for this year. We will see what develops! I am open to the unfolding path. It's great to have Reiki as a foundation.

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I also practice

  • Radical Forgiveness Coach
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hawaiian Kahuna Massage
  • Counselling

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