Reiki is a gift to share - to give and to receive - and is a unique experience for each individual. It is a gentle, spiritually guided hands-on healing technique which feels like a glowing radiance that flows through and around you. The many benefits can include a reduction in stress, a sense of clarity and security, feelings of harmony, peace and contentment - and many more. Experience the healing energies of Reiki for yourself, as your health system is stimulated to return to its natural balance. I have personally never felt so ‘at-one’ with myself - or so at peace since finding Reiki - and look forward to continuing as a Reiki Practitioner, for the rest of my life

My Journey

My Reiki journey began in 2005 when I completed a Reiki 1 course and attunement, then subsequently, completed Reiki 11 and a Reiki Master Certificate. I then experienced such a ‘shift’ in my life and realised that this was the 'something' that I had been looking for. During my career as an administrator in private enterprise and in the health industry I always yearned to find something where I was not just fulfilling a support role but where I was directly involved in helping others, - something worthwhile that would really make a difference. And here it was! Before I knew it, I had dedicated a room in our hinterland home, specifically for Reiki treatments. This was also to become a haven for research and the continued development of my own spiritual growth. As a member of Reiki Australia, I have achieved my ARTP (Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner) certificate and have become a Project Team Member assisting in our lovely Reiki Share Days. I enjoy the camaraderie, personal growth opportunities and networking that come from being part of this wonderful organisation.

My Vision

My vision for my practice of Reiki is to 'touch' as many people as I can with this deeply relaxing, natural healing system, sharing the ethics and principles as developed by Mikao Usui in Japan, around the early 1900's. I hope that I can continue to encourage clients to become more aware of how they feel and of the body's natural healing system - to be comfortable connecting with their feelings and emotions - and to love themselves unconditionally following their dreams, living their lives to the fullest and finding contentment, peace and joy along the way! I would like to see Reiki practiced in hospitals, hospices and respite centers in Australia and worldwide, as a complementary therapy to medicine. I am located on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland (South East Queensland).. Phone 0437119995 to make enquiries and set an appointment.

'Every day is a gift and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself'

Robyn James

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