Sandy Dougherty

Practitioner  &  Master
Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I am passionate about sharing the benefits of Reiki and the difference that connection to our source energy and intuition can make to our lives. As a Reiki Master and Practitioner I take a holistic approach to wellness development, offering Reiki treatments and training in Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. One of my specialties is working in palliative care as a Reiki Master and Counsellor.

My Journey

I have had the priviledge of experiencing and working with Reiki since 1998, when my journey first started with my wonderful Reiki Master. But really it has been since 2011 that I have fully immersed myself, taking the step of undertaking my Mastership and going into business. I now work as a Reiki Master/Practitioner and Counsellor in Adelaide, sharing my skills, knowledge, learning and intuition with my clients and my enthusiastic, talented Reiki Students. Reiki is truely wonderful!

My Vision

Whether a client is seeking some gentle Reiki inspired relaxation or some major life and wellness changes, I believe Reiki has much to offer. Working with the whole person; their mind, body and soul is my focus, hence my choice to work in holistic Health Practices along side equally motivated and passionate Allied Health and Medical Practitioners. Being a part of bridging the gap between traditional Reiki Practice and contemporary health care is a wonderful experience as it gives people so many more choices and is so enabling. Helping people to take more self care and to actively engage in their healing and self development is so important. And being inspired to shine some light in this world is such a priviledge! **New clients are always welcome.**

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