Sarah Bruce

Practitioner  &  Master


Core Background & Certifications
​Registered Nurse- Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health (2010-2017)
Masters in Public Health (complete 2018)
200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher + Yin Yoga Teacher
​Intensive Family & Community Support Worker
​Domestic Violence advocacy work & group facilitation
​Remote mental health clinician, Alice Springs NT
Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Lineage (current)
​Introduction to Herbalism, The Herbal Institute

I regularly hold boutique Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two courses in Sydney and Brisbane. My next course for Reiki Level One will be on Saturday 24th Nov, Bondi. I would love to see you there

My Journey

My Reiki journey started in 2014 when I moved to Alice Springs, NT to work as a child & youth mental health professional. In fact it was here, in the desert living on these ancient sands that my re-awakening into energy and spirituality occurred. I booked in for my first ever Reiki healing session which lead me to signing up for Reiki level I training that exact weekend. From those few days spent in the loving home of my first Reiki Master I have never looked back. Each day I wake grateful for the way in which Reiki and my soul have danced together, like the finding of two old friends after lifetimes of separation. To me Reiki is personal, it is deeply powerful, incredibly wise and a direct experience of conscious light. It has pushed my practical mind, allowed me to find words for the unseen and typically unexplained change and supported me to connect with a service of work that really makes my heart expand with joy. Reiki is also the ultimate magnifier, bringing light and expansion to all parts of your high vibrational consciousness.
Despite my personal fusion of spiritual arts (shamanic medicine drumming & use of sight) in my sessions I endeavour to ensure that traditional Reiki knowledge is met with utmost respect and integrity so that students and clients can start with the fundamentals and path their own way forward.

My Vision

"I value the years of dedication to my previous roles as a mental health practitioner & intensive support worker and all the people I was fortunate enough to meet. These years have taught me the importance of accepting, trauma-informed, compassionate and professional work which I aspire to integrate in the domain of energy healing and feminine group facilitation. I aim to create training courses which are intelligent and authentic to Reiki teachings. I aim to hold healing sessions which are inclusive, spiritually aligned with benevolence and practical for your daily life. I aim to design an online social media and website platform which is also aligned, true to my vision and supportive to the well being of those that meet it and Mother Nature as the bearer of our existence. These are my mission values and hopes for Spirit Earth Reiki."

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