Sarah O'Flaherty

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


To help people get the most out of their lives I have combined the three main aspects of my background and skill set - creative thinking, psychological science, and spiritual practice.

With twenty years of finding profitable solutions for corporations using creativity, I have been able to rework this knowledge and am now using creativity to help people find effective solutions to the challenges they face in daily life.

In 2014 I began studying full-time to become a psychologist. The scientific study of people, mental processes and behaviour has provided me with a rational research-based component to supporting people that I believe is essential.

My strong spiritual practice comes from many many years of meditation, and prior to commencing full-time study I traveled around Asia staying in monasteries for months at a time in order to further develop my skills of meditation and mindfulness - ways to calm the mind, and body, and to be present in each moment.

I believe that living authentically and being true to oneself is the only way to live a life of energy and true wellness.

I have my own consulting business, have authored a book on balanced living called Finding Your Bliss, I teach meditation and mindfulness, and offer counselling and Reiki healing.

My Journey

I became interested in Reiki as a way of healing the parts of us that are hidden from our conscious mind - those aspects that can get stuck in our unconscious and are difficult to shift. I had been wanting to learn Reiki for sometime, but it wasn't until I arrived in Australia that I finally found my teacher. As they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears, and I discovered Christine Maudy who is a wonderful Reiki teacher and practitioner, and who I now consider my mentor. I am very excited that I am now able to help people with this wonderful modality.

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