Sharon Swansborough


Sharon has over 40 years experience in the health industry. Until her retirement last year, Sharon was a registered nurse, specialising in care of renal patients. In 2000 Sharon was responsible for setting up the dialysis unit in the Shoalhaven Hospital on NSW’s south coast.

Sharon found the comfort and community of Reiki after her marriage broke down in mid-1990’s. Initially skeptical about Reiki, she found that it kept crossing her path, and she eventually surrendered. “I was dragged to it,” she says, speaking of her resistance to the wisdom of her spiritual self.

After using Reiki to help herself and others, there came a point in Sharon’s life where she could not ignore the inner voice that insisted, “You should be teaching,” so she continued her training and became a Reiki master.

In 2001, despite concerns that standards might mean regulations and rules that could limit the freedom and simplicity of Reiki, Sharon again followed her inner voice that drew her to register for Reiki Australia’s inaugural conference. “I knew that Reiki meant for me to be there,” she says. “What I feared had nothing to do with the aims of the group. I felt humbled by what I found there, and I’ve been a member ever since”

Sharon would love to see Reiki more accepted in mainstream healthcare, knowing from experience how much benefit it could bring. Whilst she hopes to contribute to this outcome, her real passion lies with creating spiritual community connections, for herself and others.

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