Sheena Cartwright


Reiki Master,
Accredited Reiki Practitioner
Hot Stone/Crystal Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Ear Candling
Infant Massage Instructor
Registered Nurse

My Journey

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1982 and have been working in the health sector both in the UK and Australia, helping to heal others with their health and lives. In 2010, I was told that I had literally, healing hands and that I would be able to help people by using Reiki. I had not even heard about Reiki at the time and was given a couple of cards as contacts for Reiki Masters.

As a Nurse, my intuition has always played a big part in my career ' about people and how they were feeling and at times, the sense of hopelessness, when western medicine has nothing left to help them. I felt hopeless at times, feeling there must be something else, which may help. So my journey with Reiki began!

After my initiations into Reiki, my logical brain still questioned how does this work and I was searching for how and why it works! I could not believe the changes in my client's attitudes to their health and how they felt amazing after their treatments. I was looking for research evidence to prove it worked and eventually the universe gave me the evidence after 18 month of being a Reiki practitioner.

I started a treatment on someone who had become pregnant two months earlier and she could not longer have antibiotics which she had been taking for over nine months due to surgery. She came to me originally for stress! I quickly found the area of infection though lying of my hands on her body and she was amazed. The infection consultant was amazed by the fact that after the three treatments her white cell count levels had dropped dramatically, which proved her infection had begun to reduce and heal. He asked for my business card as he was so impressed and actually spent time researching Reiki on the Internet and he could not believe it had worked.

My client had not told me the whole story about her health, she also had Lupus and was having problems with a rash over her body due to the hormones from the pregnancy. She was under a separate consultant for this and again, he was amazed how her health changed during the Reiki treatments, first time during her pregnancy her bloods came back normal.

I have sent Reiki to the UK and vice-a-versa which again inspired me that it is an amazing healing energy which is open to each and everyone of us. Having someone feedback to you they felt warm comforted whilst you are sending the healing and then have felt an improvement in their health is again truly amazing experience.

This was the evidence to inspire me to take my healing hands to become a Reiki Teacher/Master and to look at other modalities completing Cert IV's in Kinesiology and Aromatherapy which take Reiki treatments to a different level. This is the most exciting part of my career in healing and I know that Reiki really does help you to heal your life in every aspect. I love teaching new students to the Reiki energy and see them transform their lives in a positive way with Reiki.

My Vision

Ultimately, for everyone to experience the natural healing which can take place with Reiki and how it can change peoples lives for the better with improved health and sense of well being. To have Reiki recognized as a legitimate healing modality by Doctors, Health funds and Medicare because it has a place in the 21st Century health care systems along side traditional medicine and treatments on offer to the public.

My vision is for Reiki and other alternative health modalities, to inspire others to realize they can improve their lives by having both western medicine and natural healing in their lives. Spreading the word and showing how it can benefit, everyone's health both physically and mentally and most importantly it's safe, not invasive or has no side affects unlike western medicine.

I work from home in Redland Bay. You can also find me on Facebook under Sheena's Healing Hands.

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