Sheryl Frank

Practitioner  &  Master
Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho

My Journey

My journey began in 1993, when my husband fractured 2 vertebrae in a motorbike accident. The prognosis was at least a month in hospital, maybe 6 mths before light work, with a grim outlook of ongoing lifetime problems.. My curiousity of what Reiki was, had led me to a conversation with one of the other school mum's only a week before the accident.
Rodney agreed, even though sceptical that I could phone her, to see if she could help. The short story is he was out of hospital within 2 weeks, and back at work within 2 mths...
and no ongoing pain from then on. We both did Reiki 1 as soon as were able. Rodney, because he had experienced the physical healing. Me, because I recognised Reiki, as being much more and I knew it was something that would fill a void that I had always felt inside. I very quickly was drawn to do Reiki 2, which led me down a path of self discovery/self healing and a few years later, I was feeling a calling to do Masters. I was initiated 2003. I find it such an honour to able to pass this on to others.

Reiki has supported and nurtured me, through life's lessons, and has filled my life with grace and adventure. Every day I'm grateful.

My Vision

I have self treated every day since Day 1. Its the foundation of my practice. Basically from there, I am willing to let Reiki teach me, and take me to where Im meant to be at any given time.
and to take on the challenges and opportunities that may be presented to me, in any given situation.
Somewhere through my journey, my commitment to myself, was to become the very best that I can be, to find my truth, and walk as close to that as possible.
Evolving out of that, is a passion I feel, of the ability to hold that space for others, to discover for themselves, their truth, and to guide them so they, too, can walk as close as possible.

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I also practice

  • Aura Soma Colour Care System

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  • Art & Science International Academy of Colour Technologies
  • The Reiki Allliance