Sofia is available for Reiki treatments and Reiki classes.

In our pursue of a healthier and happier life, it is most important to restore the equilibrium in our body, mind and heart. This way, our body is in its optimum capacity to work more efficiently to detox harmful elements, regenerate the cells and spark our joy for life.
This can lead to the relieve of pain, improvement of past conditions, prevention of illness, release of stress and the incentive for positive thoughts and actions.

Reiki is a subtle yet profound practice that can help you achieve that equilibrium to enhance healing in all levels.

It is a privilege for me to unassumingly facilitate this process towards healing in your journey if you decide to have a Reiki session or to learn Reiki. In my treatments sessions and classes, I wholeheartedly offer my dedication to the Reiki practice and care. I invite you to read below under the title My Journey if you would like to know a little about my journey with Reiki.

The Reiki treatment involves a simple method of several hand placements over the body. You will remain dressed and i will not do placements over private areas of the body unless there is a clear clinical condition and your consent.

It is a great opportunity for you to let go of any worries, fears or expectations and dedicate this time to just be present within yourself, allowing healing to occur in whatever way it is most needed. It is usually quite calming and enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact me to book an appointment for a Reiki session or to ask any questions you may have in that respect.

Enjoy your Reiki treatment!

Thank you

My Journey

My path towards healing modalities developed gradually from an early age. I grew up assisting in the care of loved ones with chronic illnesses and disabilities. These experiences contributed to my interest in studying disciplines and modalities, such as Reiki, that could help one find resources within to improve one's own well-being.

Reiki had come to aid me in different times of my life without me consciously looking for it or even understanding it. It almost seemed like Reiki was actually looking for me, as I had people offering Reiki to me unexpectedly.

For example, during my pregnancy, our beautiful midwife always offered me Reiki during her visits, which I gladly accepted - it always brought me into a serene place within myself and i had the sensation that the baby enjoyed it too :-)
[Now my daughter is older and asks me for Reiki whenever she feels some physical or emotional discomfort or just wants to enjoy the nourishment.]

Years later when I was challenged with depression and anxiety, a lovely woman with whom I became friends told me to "come and have a Reiki session" with her. I trusted her and so I went without expectations. After the treatment i realised that something had subtly shifted in me and I experienced a sense of peace. One layer of the "onion" had started to peel :-) I was so happy that this was actually possible!

Until this personal experience, I always had relied on studies in psychology, counseling and the like. Although it helped me to understand patterns and workings of the mind, it was not enough to be a catalyst for change in a deeper level for me and so i dismayed many times.

Reiki gave me the experience and joy that healing can actually occur.
I had found a practice that could help me heal further. I wanted to peel more layers of the 'onion' so i wanted to continue with Reiki.

Now imagine, how thrilled i was to know that i could actually learn the system of Reiki and support myself and others.
I started my training in Reiki soon after this treatment with the same lovely lady who was a practitioner and, obviously, a Master teacher.

Since then, Reiki became exponentially a part of my life. It goes beyond the hands on treatment, it is a whole system, though simple. It helps me grow amidst life and its challenges.
I use it on myself, my family, my pets, my friends and of course my clients.
People from all walks of life, young or old, male or female, this religion or that, benefit from Reiki: supporting in physical recovery, relief of pain, cleansing,..., improvement of mental and psychological states; many times, people experience insights into their lives and a strengthening of their spiritual connection. Reiki is not a religion and does not interfere with personal faiths.

My journey into Reiki Mastery has been enriching and intense.
I honor the teachings passed on to me by my teachers and it is a privileged to be able to teach Reiki to others.
Please contact me if you are interested in learning Reiki.

Along the way, Reiki Australia has been a great companion :-)
Driven by a common love for Reiki, i met wonderful friends at Reiki Australia and learnt so much by being involved in this great support to the Reiki community. It has given to me wonderful opportunities to appreciate a diversity of backgrounds, stories, spiritual paths of the people to whom Reiki deeply touched their lives. It also has been very rewarding to participate in rising the awareness in regards Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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