Sonia Estago-Cers



Hello, my name is Sonia and here is a little about myself.
My career path has been predominantly in the Healthcare Sector, gaining my Mental Health Diploma in 2004 and spending 6 years working as a Support Worker in Residential Psychosocial Rehabilitation with young people challenged by Substance Abuse & Mental Health issues. I facilitated regular activities focussed on shifting and balancing energy to enhance the wellbeing of body, mind & spirit through Group Discussion, Yoga, Meditation, Music Therapy and Journaling. I have been employed as a Parent Support Worker in the Disability Sector, supporting families facing day to day physical, mental and emotional burdens. At different times I also worked in an administrative & general assistance capacity in Aged Care, Dental Prosthetics & Osteopathy.

All of these experiences have empowered me with a deeper understanding of the challenges we face as human beings navigating our lives. I have also discovered how resilient and sensitive the rhythm of life is, and how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can easily be affected.

My Journey

I was first attuned to Reiki Level 1 in 2006 and using this healing vibration, my curious nature and my deepening intuition to develop myself further. This opened doors for me to meet and learn from many colourful people. I was inspired by Donna Eden to seek more knowledge and experience in the Energy Healing Field and completed a short course in Eden Energy Medicine which enhanced my vision and desire to take my learning and work further. I have also studied Crystal Healing, Numerology, Metaphysics, Body Balance and Chakra Balancing and formally gained my Reiki 2 Certification in the Usui System of Natural Healing in 2016. After travelling to Qld to expand my horizons, I operated a small Energy Healing Room from home in Hervey Bay. My husband and I have now relocated to Yarrawonga Victoria within walking distance to the peaceful energy of Lake Mulwala. I have now set up a home-based Practice again and look forward to settling here and offering Energy Healing to my local Community.

My Vision

I am dedicated to the Principals of Mikao Usui and ever grateful for the gift of Reiki in my life. I endeavour to practice every day to keep the Source energy flowing strong and bright, so that I may serve as a Reiki channel to help enhance the wellbeing of myself and others. My vision is to be instrumental in the practice of Reiki Energy Healing and to continue to help raise the vibration of this precious World we live in. I am inspired to encourage others to be grateful for their precious Life, to adopt a positive mind-set and to practice self-care each and every day.
The more we love and nurture ourselves, the more we radiate joy & keep the flow of Healing Light vibrant and available to every living being.
Blessings to you in Love & Light

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