Stephen Jones

Practitioner  &  Master
Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Clients can expect to be brought back into balance and harmony in a safe, professional, non intrusive environment. Balancing the chakras, subtle bodies, auras as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects
By using a variety of techniques Stephen assists the release of energetic blockages, repairs the pathways and re-aligns energies so that positive life changes can begin on a soul, core, family and history level. It’s the release of these fears and beliefs that cause our cells to vibrate higher and higher, lifting us into a different way of existing where we see and do things from love. This also unlocks talents from throughout the ages not to mention a deep connectedness to life and the universe pathing the way for deep long held healing of subconscious beliefs, often not of our own. .
Stephen works from the outer Etheric levels of your pattern down to the Physical level, intercepting “dis”ease, trapped emotions and long held beliefs before they manifest into the physical body. Working with spirit guides and source to restore the imbalance, repair the energetic patterns of your subtle bodies restoring both your vitality and health. Often these types of healings uncover deep emotions from traumatic events and trigger shifts or changes where lifestyles, people and events that no longer serve tend to fall away. Pathing the way from 3rd dimensional fear based reality into a 5th dimension universal love based reality.
Energy healing and rebalancing your body-mind-spirit connection and the oneness of all that is, helps you reframe life events, and open you to new possibilities and avenues, enhanced creativity and freedom.

Celestial Energies Offers:

• Reiki Master-Teacher
• Chakra balancing, restructuring, unification as well as transpersonal chakra integration.
• Light body activation, repair & integration.
• Repairing Auric fields, removal of psychic debris & attacks.
• Balancing of the Emotional, Mental Physical & Astral bodies
• Adjustments of the Etheric Templates
• Past life regression and Cleansing
• Return of lost soul fragments & closing portals that energetically keep us tied.
• Spiritual Awakening & Development through integration of the higher self.
• Spiritual healing
• Spiritual Surgery
• Chiron Healing
• Egyptian Alchemy
• Theta Healing Advanced DNA Techniques
• Crystal Healing
• Chiron Essences
• Intuitive Healing sessions with Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters

My Journey

My Journey with Reiki has been extraordinary and empowering to say the least. It’s been a journey that’s enabled me to enhance, and evolve every aspect of my life. Reiki has given me great depth and insight into who I really am, not only as person but also as to why I’m here.
Energy work has really transformed my life after being disillusioned and abandoned by the medical system. Energy healing has transformed me from a broken soul, turned my path around and I have finally found my place. Not only has Reiki healed my condition but it’s also added greater depth to my heart and soul. A shining light to guide me when all others had diminished. It’s also helped me understand and put in perspective the traumatic and painful events I’ve been through. And come out the other side a better, stronger loving being. Empowering not only myself, but sharing these wonderful gifts to others, so they may experience this on their journey. Namaste

My Vision

My Hopes for the Future:
To keep on developing my skills and abilities so I can take the healings to even deeper levels. To keep on spreading the love and light so all may live in happiness, peace and harmony, empowered by their own experience with their interactions with vibrational holistic therapies.

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I also practice

  • Chiron Essences of Ancient Civilisations 1
  • Chiron Healing 1