Sue Broughton

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Reiki Jin Kei Do

My Journey

I first came across Reiki Jin Kei Do in the late 1990s in Koh Samui whilst working in a healing clinic. A visiting Reiki Master gave me a healing and the peace I felt for about a week later, left a strong impression on me. As my life continued to unfold in a frenzy of colour, drama, smells and different places and cultures, the session became a distant memory. After travelling and working voluntarily for 2 years abroad and saturated with a variety of rich colourful experiences, I made my way back to home in Brisbane around 2001.

As I tried to submerge into a normal working life, I like many others, had a healing crisis, which incapacitated me for approx 3 weeks. At the time, I was becoming submerged in my passion for learning about healing energy forms. Aspects of what I was learning about myself collided with my preconceived ideas. No matter how much I ran around the globe ensuring distance between my family and myself - running from memories of my upbringing - I came to understand that no matter where I went in the world, I could never escape one fact - I would always have reflections of my parents. I had been disconnected from them for more than 20 years.

My condition was quite ironic during my healing crisis. I ended up with infected boils on my bottom and they kept multiplying almost on a daily basis. At this time, there was a driving voice in my head to try Reiki again for some relief. Motionless - lying on my stomach for most of those 3 weeks and in and out of 2 hospitals, I received Reiki treatments again. I soon became better. The energy helped me to reconcile my personal issues with my family. Whilst in the hospital with lots of time on my hands to think - it was then I truly started to grow up and realise I had judged my parents with a passion and it was time to get on with living and not running away and to forgive and heal.

One year later, I knew I would become a Reiki Master when the time was right. I have never been interested in the quick route to something that I desire, but always want to learn something in a very thorough way. This gives me pleasure in the slow dance and saturation of learning. I am very passionate about healing - helping others - and the kindest healing of them all, is Reiki. My personal experiences have driven me to continue developing and evolving as a person foremost - then to be able to help others.

There are many healing forms which work really well but when you are hurt or unable to go on, Reiki is a wonderful, calming, nurturing energy that lifts you in a mysterious way. You do not need to think or study body parts - you just need to feel it - moving in you and around you - helping you - and helping others.

My Vision

Reiki for me, is like an apprenticeship that continues all your life and offers the opportunity to open more and more completely to your own limitless potential. It also helps to develop in ourselves the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy. To continue to heal through unlimited love, joy, peace, compassion, wisdom, abundance - is a magnificent thing. To lift up into a safe place where you feel completely cared for and become aware of the wonderful possibilities that can come from within, is even better.

This is my mission in life and to be confident in understanding all the challenges in life can be met and that our lives can be a wonderful experience. Through Reiki, I believe that we connect with our own enlightened self and the most important part of our own nature. To help others to help themselves through Reiki, is a worthy vision for my practice.

I really look forward to the time when the greater community understands the importance of Reiki as a natural healing modality, which is based on a code of ethics, life principles and personal growth. I would love to participate in assisting Reiki to become a recognised qualification under the Complementary Health Industry ensuring the high standards are maintained.

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I also practice

  • Remedial Massage
  • Kinesiology
  • Cert IV Trainer/Assessor
  • Body Talk
  • Intrafocal Therapy

I'm a member of

  • Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators
  • Australian Association of Massage Therapists
  • International Body Talk Association