Susan Kennedy


Reiki Level 1 October 28th & 29th Southport Gold Coast $295
Reiki Level 2 December 9th & 10th 2017 Gold Coast NSW $295
I am a full time Reiki Practitioner, Master & Teacher and am located at Labrador, Gold Coast QLD. Healing & teaching Reiki are my passions and I have witnessed many profound changes & shifts with my clients. If you wish to become a Reiki channel or experience a Reiki session, please call me on 0413 701 408 or email me at

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To make an appointment you can call on 0413 701 408 or email me at

My Journey

From my earliest days I recall being taught about the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that everything is made up of energy, thought and intention.
My late mother was my teacher in so many ways...through her guidance and through her troubled life where sometimes she lost her way.

I came to Australia from the UK in 1983 with 2 small children and entered the corporate world of banking and insurance where I stayed for about 25 years.

I was attracted to Reiki from a very young age and was initiated into Reiki 1 but did not 'do' anything with it in a practical sense.

I continued my spiritual journey with my mother who was still in the UK...she sent me every book, article and anything else she could find on spirituality, crystals and healing. We spoke weekly on the topics in those books and we marvelled at the wonder of the universe together.

Some years ago I was in a very high pressure job with all the apparent trappings of success but was experiencing things around me 'shifting' and my personal life was in turmoil. On the surface I seemed to 'have it all'.

The people closest to me, including my mother, were experiencing serious illness and I found myself going down into a spiral of helplessness and despair. It was then that I re established my connection with Reiki meeting Lida Van Den Bergh, Reiki Master who graciously showed me the steps to self healing and self discovery. Although I felt 'responsible' for those around me, Lida taught me that the only person we can truly help is ourselves. This pattern of feeling responsible for others in my family continued for many years, with many lessons in finally being able to truly let go. Experiences through my family with abandonment, grief, depression, drug addiction have all helped me to understand the soul's journey.
I realised we are all on a soul's journey and we cannot "do" the healing for someone else. They have to really want to change, to heal and take the necessary steps for their own healing.

The Reiki journey saw me leave the corporate world & let go of destructive patterns in relationships. I had moved to a new location, Salamander Bay, and Lida had moved to Victoria. I was looking for a Reiki Master who I could connect with to continue my journey and had asked the universe to help me in that search. A 'chance' meeting at a golf club social night about a week after I had put the call out saw me connect with a visiting friend of a friend... and yes, she was a Reiki Master with whom I had an instant connection and then trained with as a teacher.
I train practitioners to all levels of Reiki, and for some who are ready, take them into my Conscious Spiritual Business Mentoring Program developing their intuitive and business skills so they can shine their light, teach others and continue the tradition of Reiki .

My Vision

My vision & reality is that my Reiki Practice provides a space for people to come for healing where they can connect with that part of them-selves that knows all things.
I intuitively assist people to see the patterns in their being that have contributed to their current situation. The gentle guidance is to help them on their journey of awakening to their own power of healing and to know that within them 'all things are possible'. Healing on all levels is possible.

Reiki is universal life force energy that will bring about profound peace, love & joy.
My mission is to inspire people to be the best they can be through my readings, healing & teaching .

Teaching Reiki and passing on the spiritual wisdom of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki is my life's passion. Training Practitioners to develop their skills and their confidence so they are successful in practice is my way of contributing to the ripple effect of raising consciousness and bringing peace and love to the world.

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