Suzanne Ingleton

Practitioner  &  Master


I am a Reiki and Seichim Practitioner/ Master & Teacher and I offer personal Reiki Healing, Distance Healing and Training courses along with Reiki Crystal Chakra Balancing and reduced rates for people undergoing treatment for Cancer.
I am also a Meditation Teacher and run both Group Classes and 1:1 Coaching Sessions.
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My Journey

My journey began in 2008 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was very fortunate to have discovered it early and underwent treatment which left me with deep physical and emotional scars. The experience also left me with a profound desire to help other women and men on their own Cancer journey. When I finished all my treatments all I wanted to do was to give something “back” to the hospitals and people that helped me along the way, but I had no idea how. Reiki came into my life when I put myself on a path to seek my own healing. Suddenly I knew how I could really help others and I am driven and passionate to get Reiki out into the Community, for people to experience the multitude of benefits and to create as many Reiki Practitioners as I can!
I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that Reiki has changed my life in many different ways and on many different levels for the absolute positive. I am much more centred, balanced, calm, intuitive and happy within myself. Reiki never ceases to amaze me when I see and hear the results that my clients feed back to me. My own emotional healing is now complete and I can say with love in my heart that I am grateful to Cancer for leading me onto a Healing path.

My Vision

My Vision and path in life is to promote and teach the beautiful healing energy of Reiki through Training and Refresher courses and to build a Reiki Community of like -minded people who can learn from each other.
My hopes and wishes are that I can inspire others to connect with Reiki and work with it to benefit themselves and those around them. If you are inspired, then please LIKE and SHARE my FB page in the hope that there will be another person like yourself who can benefit with the potential to change their life!

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