Theresa Redman



Lvl 3 Reiki Practitioner at your service :)
Happy 2018 & what a start to the year, lots of challenges and perhaps a few unexpected struggles from 2017!
Perhaps you need some energy back and re-alignment moving forward for an exciting year! Maybe your feeling low on energy, depressed, anxious, stuck in old patterns or trauma etc.?

If so come and have an energy session and you may feel or experience the following;

• Gentle yet deep energy shifts of past traumas/emotions & dis-ease that have been draining your energy!
• Increase in your energy and joy for life!
• Feel lighter and take more inspired action
• Better quality sleep & connection with others
• Higher vibrational frequency to attract things you truly desire

60min Bliss Session - $80
75min Energy Session - $95 (customised session)

My Journey

I've been a Reiki Practioner since 2010 (Sydney), having completed 3 levels and now living in beautiful Brisbane. Lots of life experiences and challenges sent me on this journey of soul searching and becoming accountable and authentic in my life. Your word is your wand and your inner thinking, feelings etc. create your outer world. So once I started shifting and aligning my own inner power, did life start to change for the better. Discovering Reiki really was a key modality that helped with shift more with ease during challenging times with higher awareness and love for myself and more deeper connections with others! My clients over the years have found the Reiki sessions profound in shifting and releasing blocks and finding more clarity, increased energy, and having more positive things appear in their life.
Look forward to meeting you :)

My Vision

My calling is to assist others with a safe and nurturing healing space for re-connection and alignment with your true purpose, to let go of what no longer serves you!

It is for my highest good and good of all others :)

Love & Light

Theresa xx

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