Tina Green

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I am a loving caring person and I give the best of myself .
I love to help you heal and through all my healing experiences I can understand your journey and offer advice based on my learnings .
I am very intuitive and well guided for the highest good of all .
I love nature and all animals and all of life .

My Journey

My Reiki journey began in 2005 when I felt there must be something out there for me. I needed change and it felt right to follow the Reiki path to discovering who I am. I did the Reiki one course then the Reiki two which lead to many changes in my life. I learnt Reflexology to add to the benefit of Reiki and started practising at the Australian Physic Expo at the Gold Coast and Tweed areas . I continue to practice and teach in the Gold Coast with great passion , I also now take meditation classes to bring healing to more people and the planet .

I have learnt so much about life and helping people in many different ways because of my Reiki practice. It makes this life style so rewarding. The path to new levels of self discovery opened up to me and today I am a Reiki Master Teacher / Practitioner. New levels of awareness have opened many doors for me and I know your decision to take your learning to another level will open doors for you.

My experience with Reiki has brought me JOY, PEACE & COMPASSION.

My Vision

To inspire many to live their truth and to make the changes in their lives that they need to create peace & joy. To be the light ,love happy you that you are meant to be.

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  • Reflexology

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  • Australian Reiki Connection