Wendy Cussen


Reiki Master/Teacher/Accredited Treatment Practitioner
Australian Bush Flower Essences Advanced Practitioner
Past Life Regression Facilitator
Animal Communicator
Certified Member of IICT

My Journey

After exploring my own spirituality as well as channelling spiritual guidance for others for many years, I felt the need to look into spiritual healing, and discovered Reiki. I had a treatment to experience Reiki for myself, and was totally intrigued. I went on to study Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher level over a period of three years, and became fully qualified in 2007.

I have had my Divine Love Reiki Practice for over 9 years, where I provide Reiki treatments, and other therapies, and I have recommenced teaching all levels of Reiki - in small groups or by private tuition.

Reiki is so beautifully relaxing; I love that Reiki is always available; Reiki supports and enhances all other modalities, treatments and medications; Reiki's higher intelligence makes it uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual in order to promote healing physically, emotionally and spiritually; and the pure, divine loving energy of Reiki and what it can bring about, still never ceases to amaze me!

My Vision

My vision is for Reiki to be readily available everywhere......schools, hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters......for all beings to experience the wonderment of Reiki.

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