Wendy Melvin

  • Reiki Jin Kei Do


I am about, key communication ensuring that I listen to you and your wishes without judgement and that I am providing a safe and comfortable environment that is of the best of my abilities and gives you the opportunity to experience Reiki. I like to provide you information on your treatment for you to take away with you, so as you have time to process and enjoy the received treatment. I am happy to answer questions. Further, I will let you know I like to telephone you the following day to see how you are feeling. :) I respect each individual's requests. The reiki services I provide is your choice- it is you and all about you!

My Journey

Since 2012, when I first learnt of Reiki, I had found my life began to turn around in a positive direction. I began to realign my life focus using reiki principles of my lineage to guide me towards looking at my own life and my reactions to these. Reiki truly lives to the name 'Reiki is a way of life' my perceptions have widened and has helped equip me with what I need to deal with the everyday life stressors we endure. <3

My Vision

To provide the opportunity for reiki to all things living, that wish to experience it!
Your animals
Your plants.
Again, my vision is about you, what your needs, and desires are and how I can fulfil them with Reiki. <3

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