Wendy Scuderi

  • Reiki Jin Kei Do


I am a passionate Reiki practitioner who wants to share this awesome gift with the world. I live in Cairns, and work from home and also travel to clients if need be.

My Journey

I started my journey in 2012, with Faye Wenke. Our lineage is Reiki Jin Kei Do. I did first stage then and second stage in 2013. I have been practicing on my friends and family ever since. I decided a few months ago to venture out and to share my Reiki talents with others, so Purple Dragon Healing came about.

My Vision

My vision is to get out there and introduce as many people to Reiki as I can, to make it a part of everyday life. I love the body's natural ability to heal itself, and am in awe of the effects Reiki has in this process.

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