Yakari Doi

  • Komyo Reiki Do


Hi. My name is Yukari Doi. I am originally from Japan. I learnt Reiki in 2014. Since then I have been using this technique to my family and friends. I am convinced it is a wonderful energy and healing tool for anybody with physical and emotional issues to heal. If you think you need this type of support please contact me.

My Journey

My journey of Reiki started 2014. I learned it from the Japanese teacher who lives in Sydney. She has such a passion about Reiki and I understand why. Since I have learnt the technique, I have been helping so many people around me. They are surprised to receive my healing which helped them so much that many people recommended me to give my service to people in community. I am looking forward to meeting you and help you to develop your own healing process within you.

My Vision

My vision of Reiki is the world peace. I believe our thoughts and well-being support ourselves to be happy. If indevisual person is happy as who we are, this lead to make our family to be happy, which led people in our community to be happy, which let people in our country to be happy and then make people on the earth make happy.

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