Yama Mehry


Reiki is the path to self realisation
The journey of Reiki started from the seed of selfless desire nourished by compassion and inner guidance. The passion for this beautiful practice comes from the heart. As a transmitter of divine energy, I dance along with the universal rhythm allowing the life and wisdom that flows through to guide and assist people to awaken their own healing process. I build trust, have agreement, respect and likability and as a healer I am there for the client. As a pure field of awareness; I am one with the client as and have the interest of the client in heart. From that oneness, effective communication, Open-minded attitude, trust, intuition, understanding, empathising and sympathising with the client, successful treatment emerges.

My Journey

A common man is on a spiritual journey, a journey of learning. When you ask him, how far it is? He smiles…
Our current life is a biography of individual personality’s spanning over lifetimes. Each chapter and lifetime leads to subsequent chapters, not identified with one another on conscious level and yet interconnected on subconscious level as a book. Not knowing this on a conscious level, like dreamers we sometimes feel happy and other times we feel emotionally drained. When you awake to your true purpose in life, you experience the vastness of life and find your true identity within the totality of life.
Reiki is the timeless journey, the truth and the essence. This truth can neither be listened to nor can it be understood through the intellect. So we will need to walk along on this journey together towards realization of one life. The first step we take together will initiate the awakening of the healer within you. The decision to take that first step towards this awareness rests with you...

My Vision

I have a vision...
In my vision I see people to awaken to the light of wisdom eliminating fear by prevailing the veil of ignorance, illusion and attachments. When I was about 9 years of age, I knew an old gardener who lived in a little valley close by our house. The little valley was full of fruit trees. I used to go with my cousins and pick fruit from the trees. The old gardener used to offer us fruit on the condition that we do not climb the trees and do not break the branches. Once during a conversation the old gardener made a remark about his only worldly possessions, which were his old clothes and an old walking stick. He said: “The day of judgment is like standing on a very hot oven tray and loudly naming your worldly possessions. He used to continue and say: “My journey is less vulnerable”. As a kid I never understood what he meant by that. I did not know then that he was talking about the war within, abundance and unconditional love to nurture a fruit tree and offer others to experience the sweetness of creation.
I now realise that the degree of our vulnerability is based on the number of attachments in our life. The more we depend on things and others, due to circumstances, or out of delusion, the more we are vulnerable and therefore suffer.
Everyone is vulnerable in this world, our desire for the fruit tree and the old Gardner who passionately loved his garden. It is the degree that differs.
In my vision I see people embracing their own essence the Reiki essence that does not take from others but gives from its inner wealth. You too my friend hold that vision...

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