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Free Reiki Level one Course - come and learn to heal yourself. Offer ends 1st November 2018.
As part of this course you will be attuned (blessed, initiated) to Reiki level one. You will be able to give yourself, family or your animal friends healing.
After a session or two most people go through changes and shifts that sometimes changes their life forever. All shifts and changes lead to good outcome.
In Reiki level one course you will practice the following four out of five elements:
1. Developing Spiritual and Mental Focus.
2. Meditation and Techniques
3. Hands on Healing
4. Mantras and Symbols (not practiced in Reiki level one)
5. Reiki Attunement
Do you want to bring harmony into your life? Come and join me on this exciting journey to promote harmony between mind and body and spirit. Reiki will help you relieve stress and anxiety, increase energy, vitality and promote spiritual growth.
Please visit my website for free resources to help you build spiritual and mental focus, breathing exercises, transforming anger to compassion and security and much more. I update the website regularly. Join my mailing list to stay up to date with free offers and I will not spam you.

My Journey

A common man is on a spiritual journey, a journey of learning. When you ask him, how far it is? He smiles…
Our current life is a biography of individual personality’s spanning over lifetimes. Each chapter and lifetime leads to subsequent chapters, not identified with one another on conscious level and yet interconnected on subconscious level as a book. Not knowing this on a conscious level, like dreamers we sometimes feel happy and other times we feel emotionally drained. When you awake to your true purpose in life, you experience the vastness of life and find your true identity within the totality of life.
Reiki is the timeless journey, the truth and the essence. This truth can neither be listened to nor can it be understood through the intellect. So we will need to walk along on this journey together towards realization of one life. The first step we take together will initiate the awakening of the healer within you. The decision to take that first step towards this awareness rests with you...

My Vision

I have a vision...
In my vision I see people happy. Happiness is what we all strive for. Isn't it? In my vision I see people awake up from long and deep sleep, embrace life all around them. Fall in love with themselves and experience their true essence. This is possible and it starts with one person with you .
In my vision I see people embracing their own essence the Reiki essence.

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