Yuka Fukuzaki



Hello my name is Yuka from japan.
Certified Reiki Master and Remedial Massage Therapist in Darwin.

My Journey

When I was studying Diploma of Remedial Massage in Fremantle WA I had few experience when I was massaging clients there was healing crisis happening tears come out, had a deep dream, memory flash from the past, body shakes etc
It is a part of healing process of massage but I felt that it is not just the physical body that it needed to be healed more deep into emotional and spiritually and I found an amazing Reiki master teacher Uli Brell in Perth.
After I got attuned and trainned from her it really made sense about how emotion and spirit is connnected to the physical body and when we heal from the root it opens up space and light into mind.

My Vision

I love positive changes through session.
My vision with Reiki is to help loving themselves and trust "who you are"and that would be the inner beauty that glows out and it would make life much easier individually and also universally.

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  • Remedial Massage