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Sue Lyons

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

We are very happy to advise our professional members that Reiki Australia has arranged for Fenton Green & Co to create very attractive professional insurance packages for our members.

Members who practice other modalities in addition to Reiki are also looked after. If you choose, all your modalities can be included in a single policy.

You need to be a Reiki Australia member to take advantage of this great offer.

Reiki Practitioners who are Registered Psychologists

Are you paying for two separate policies?

If you are like most registered psychologists, you might have been recommended malpractice, public and products liability cover that requires you to pay for two separate policies - One to cover your professional Reiki teaching and/or treatment activities, and the other for psychological services. Reiki Australia believes that this is unfair, and years ago we began negotiating with insurers to get a better deal - and we got it.

Now that deals just gotten even better:

Fenton Green offers a single policy to cover all your professional activities, at what seems to be an unbeatably low rate for Reiki Australia members.

Insurance cover, in the form of two separate policies is available through other insurers, including the Australian Psychological Society's preferred provider, AON.

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